• Crawford Business Group, LLC

    About Us

    With over 15 years’ experience and a Master’s Degree level of education, Crawford Business Group, LLC will provide Human Resources services to help ensure that your organization’s human capital serves the best interest of the company.
    • Analyze your company’s current HR programs and recommend solutions for more efficacy
    • Develop, revise, and implement HR policies and procedures
    • Advise management on the administration of HR policies and procedures
    • Ensure HR programs and services are in compliance with established policies and procedures and state/federal law and regulations
    • Conduct audits of HR activities to ensure compliance
    • Prepare and maintain reports related to specific HR projects
    • Present training sessions related to specific HR programs
    • Perform background investigations for potential new hires
    Crawford Business Group, LLC services will provide theoretical and practical knowledge, the ability to explain ideas and concepts in a simplified manner, the ability to improvise, excellent listening and communication skills, and most of all, trustworthiness.