• Peach County Voters Say ''Yes'' to TSPLOST

    The election results are in and the citizens of Peach County voted "YES" for the TSPLOST.  

    Peach County's TSPLOST vote has passed with 1,782 voters choosing "Yes" and 565 voters choosing "No".  

    100% of the funds will be used for transportation projects like streets and roads, overpasses, traffic control improvements, and more. The proceeds from this 5-year T-SPLOST is projected at a maximum $27 million. Peach County, the City of Byron, and Fort Valley have agreed to share the funds with a 62.93% (Peach County) 16.76% (City of Byron), 17.23% (City of Fort Valley) 1.89% (City of Warner Robins), 1.19% (City of Perry) split and selected projects that are important to each jurisdiction.

    Click here for a list of projects.

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