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Beautiful spring weather is one benefit of living in Peach County

Welcome South!

With an average high temperature of 64.4 degrees and an average low temperature of 52.4 degrees one word describes the climate in Peach County ... awesome.

April and October are two of the most enjoyable months with an average daily temperature of 64.5 degrees.

July and August compete as the hottest months and the temperature generally tops 90 degrees 80 days a year. The sun shines brightly an average of 110 days a year ... and another 107 days are partly cloudy. The sun shines about 66 percent of the time.

The temperature falls to freezing or below an average of only 44 days each winter with January being the coldest. Snowfall averages .9 inches per year and the average accumulation is .... well .. zero. Sustained cold weather days are rare, with cold snaps more common in January and February.

Relative humidity is a moderate 72.5 percent, lowest in January and highest in September. The driest season is fall, and October is usually the driest month. The greatest rainfall, an average of 4.8 inches, is usually in March, followed by a surprisingly wet July. Average annual rainfall is about 44 inches.

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