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Website Accessibility Policy

The Peach County Chamber of Commerce ("Chamber") recognizes the need for this site to be accessible to as many persons as possible. This includes persons with disabilities and those with differing browsers, processors and access speeds.

The Chamber’s development goal has been to meet the needs of people with sensory challenges. With this in mind the site strives to meet the guidelines of World Wide Web Consortium’s Web Accessibility Initiative and the Rehabilitation Act of 1998, Section 508. In the event you find a page that fails to meet these guidelines or fails to provide you the access expected please contact webmaster@peachchamber.com.

The site has been developed to operate on all browsers and computers and should not overload slow Internet connections and older browsers and processors.

The site also has been tested with several of the more widely used browsers. the Chamber uses information from our web statistics to determine which browsers to test and accommodate. Other browsers may or may not function properly. Should you find a page that does not function with a commonly used browser please contact webmaster@peachchamber.com.

Website Accessibility Statement

While the Chamber is committed to making this website accessible to all users we recognize that there may be pages not yet prepared. the Chamber will continue to develop this site with these goals. If you are unable to access any portion of this site please contact webmaster@peachchamber.com.

For assistance with accessibility issues, you may also call Webmaster at 706-733-4011.